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rare essential oils

Are you ready to get to know your rare essential oils a bit better? They aren’t called the rarest of the oil kingdom for nothing.

These oils have been revered for their sacred qualities for hundreds of years and they carry a very heavy price. This is largely owing to the fact that they are incredibly rare and require a substantially large amount of resin or material to produce 1ml of essential oil.


Agarwood said to demand a higher price than gold. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for neuro-muscular conditions, pleurisy, anemia, halitosis, impotence, blood impurities, urinary infections, indigestion, skin problems and bed wetting.

This precious wood and its oud oil have a deep spiritual history and significance, and they are mentioned in the oldest spiritual texts. It is said that Buddha described the burning fragrance of Agarwood as the “scent of Nirvana” (the state of attaining Divinity). Additionally, the string of 108 beads in Buddhism is made up of Agarwood.

The Bible also mentions that Jesus Christ was scented with Aloeswood (Agarwood). It is also said that the Samurai warriors used Agarwood smoke to perfume their armor as a lucky charm before going into the battle, and the celebrated king of France, King Louis XIV, had his garments washed in a blend of water boiled with Agarwood and rose for lasting fragrance and energy.

Agarwood Essential Oil


Escentia’s Elemi essential oil is 100% pure and has been used to assist with decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and youthening the skin. Soft and fragrant, Elemi Essential Oil is a rejuvenating powerhouse for your body, mind and skin.

It has also been used to assist with stress and dry coughs, as well as with the healing of cuts, sores and wounds. It has also been used to assist with respiratory healing. It has been used to replace Frankincense as a more affordable alternative.


Escentia Frankincense Carterii Pure Essential Oil is as precious as gold and is rarer and more expensive than Frankincense Serrata. This variety of Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antibacterial, antiviral, stress-relieving, and antioxidant. It can be used to reduce the appearance of mature skin, aid breathing, quiet the mind, support focus and encourage tranquillity.

Frankincense has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies, as well as a vital ingredient in skin tonics and lotions to keep skin soft and youthful. It has also been utilized in space clearing procedures and in cosmetics and perfumery.   It was believed that the fragrance produced when the resin was burnt not only soothed the soul, but would also appease the gods and keep evil at bay.

The Egyptians included the Frankincense resin in their mummification balms for the symbolic and preserving qualities of the various resins.


Galbanum has been described as having a mentally cleansing aroma, comparable to a sea breeze or the freshness in the air that you experience after a wild rainstorm. It has a leafy-green earthy odour, with a slightly bitter rooty note – a strong and powerful but not overwhelming fragrance.

The Ancient Egyptians used Galbanum as incense and during the embalming process. The Hebrews used it in their anointing oils and the Greeks mention it as being sedative, antispasmodic with diuretic properties.

In classical Ayurvedic Medicine, it is considered to exert a balancing action on all three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha.


Escentia’s Myrrh is similar to Frankincense in that it has been used for centuries for spiritual connection and energetic clearing. It is said to be a potent antioxidant. It has been said to possess anti-cancer benefits and has been used as an antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic remedy.

It has also been used to enhance skin health and ease relaxation. Myrrh has been used in pharmaceutical products, gargles, toothpaste, dentistry, and as a fixative; it is also used in perfumery for heavy florals and oriental notes. Many use myrrh to assist with hay fever and to clean and treat wounds; it can also be used as a paste to stop bleeding.


Escentia’s Vetiver essential oil is 100% pure. The scent is earthy, strong and grounding. It has been used in many perfume industries and is composed of multiple sesquiterpenes, making it extremely grounding to one’s emotions.

It is used for its grounding effect during massage treatments. The oil from the vetiver plant has been found to help treat the symptoms of ADHD and ADD, may increase libido and help alleviate insomnia. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and connect one to the earth.  Vetiver oil also contains immune-supporting properties and is a great way to fortify your immune system

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