Escentia’s vast range of products will gratify many requirements when it comes to your welfare. Our extensive range of essential oils is evolving and developing all the time.  We have categorised these special liquid naturals according to grade.  Whether you’re looking for a conventional or organic essential oil, various option are obtainable.  Your choice of either pure or standardised essential oils gives you the ability to pick a grade to suit you need.  Our carrier oil range is also ever growing and offers some special local types as well as some old time favourites.  For the therapist, we have numerous aromatherapy auxiliaries from which to choose from.  Products and raw materials to beneficiate or use in your treatments are plentiful.  May you delight in perusing Escentia’s diverse scope of products and all related content on your journey to well-being, which lies in your hands!

Where available, detailed information on each item listed below is referenced.  Click on the item name linked for a detailed look at the specific product.

Essential Oils

Aniseed Standard Oil
Bay Leaf
Bergamot Standard Oil
Bergamot Organic
Black Pepper
Black Pepper Standard Oil
Cajeput Standard Oil
Camomile Blue Standard Oil
Camomile Cape
Camomile German
Camomile Roman
Camomile Roman Standard Oil
Cape May
Cape Snowbush
Carrot Seed
Cassia Standard Oil
Cedarwood (virginiana)
Celery Seed
Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamon Leaf
Citronella Standard Oil
Citronella Organic
Clary Sage
Clary Sage Standard Oil
Clove Bud
Clove Bud Standard Oil
Clove Bud Organic
Copaiba (Balsam Copaiba)
Coriander Standard Oil
Eucalyptus (Globulus)
Eucalyptus (Smithii)
Eucalyptus (Smithii) Organic
Eucalyptus Lemon (Citriodora)
Eucalyptus (Radiata)
Eucalyptus Peppermint (Dives)
Fennel (Sweet)
Frankincense (Carterii)
Frankincense (Serrata)
Geranium Standard Oil
Geranium Organic
Ginger Standard Oil
Grapefruit Pink/Ruby
Grapefruit White
Grapefruit Organic
Jasmine Absolute
Jasmine Standard Blend (in Jojoba)
Juniperberry Standard Oil

Lavender Standard Oil
Lavender Organic
Lemon Organic
Lemongrass Organic
Lemon Verbena Standard
Lippia Javanica (Zinziba)
Litsea Cubeba (May Chang)
Mandarin [SEE NAARTJIE] Marjoram
Melissa Standard Oil
Myrrh Wildii (Southern Africa)
Myrrh Myrrha
Neroli Standard Oil
Nutmeg Standard Oil
Orange Bitter (Bigarade)
Orange Bitter (Bigarade) Standard Oil
Orange Sweet
Orange Sweet Organic
Parsley Seed
Peppermint Standard Oil
Peppermint Organic
Pimento (Allspice)
Pine Needle (Fir)
Pink Peppercorn
Ravensara Aromatica
Rock Rose (Labdanum)
Rose Synthesis
Rose Standard Natural
Rose Absolute
Rose Otto
Rosemary Standard Oil
Rosemary Organic
Rosewood Standard Oil
Sandalwood (West Indian) (Amyris)
Spearmint Standard Oil
Tagetes (Khaki)
Tangerine [SEE NAARTJIE] Terebenthine
Thyme (Red)
Thyme (Red) Standard Oil
Ti-Tree (Tea Tree)
Ti-Tree (Tea Tree) Organic
Ti-Tree, Lemon (L. Petersonii)
Vanilla Absolute
Vanilla Synthesis
Wintergreen Standard Oil
Ylang-Ylang (iii)
Ylang-Ylang Standard Oil
Ylang-Ylang Complete
Ylang-Ylang Organic

Are our oils pure?2020-05-22T14:58:24+02:00

Unless stated otherwise, our essential oils are in a natural, pure, unadulterated state. Understanding classes or grades of oils is important. With regards to oil definitions, each grade must be taken individually and differences in preference may occur between professionals. No grade is better or worse. Their use factor is dependant on the individuals intended purpose.

What is a standard oil vs an essential oil?2020-06-01T22:20:22+02:00

Certain industries, and very large users, require material which is standardised so that the balance of chemical constituents is maintained, as well as the odour profile, which can easily differ seasonally and due to differing weather conditions. An oil may therefore be rectified by adding certain natural and/or nature identical aromatic ingredients, to maintain standards required by food, pharmaceutical, dental and beverage industries. This class is, however, not necessarily inferior in quality or efficacy.

Essential oils are extracted directly from a plant source with no addition of other compounds. Essentially – plant to bottle.

What do we mean by organic?2020-05-22T15:13:54+02:00

Defining the term “organic” is a hugely debatable subject. We don’t claim to be an organically certified organisation.

Where we list an item as organic, our source has indicated that the material is organically certified.

Can our essential oils be taken internally or can you cook with our essential oils?2020-05-22T15:03:12+02:00

It must be emphasized that the policy of Escentia Products has never been to promote oils for food, or any kind of internal consumption whatsoever, because in the wrong hands they are too powerful in their action, especially in contact with epithelial tissues.

Of course, essential oils are used extensively in the flavour industry, so technically they are consumed, but they are added in an extremely diluted state, and under controlled industrial circumstances.

The responsibility for any such use rests therefore entirely with the user.

Speciality Extracts

Arnica Plant Concentrate
Capsicum Oleoresin – 6%
Carrot Root Plant Concentrate
Kalahari Melon Seed
Pomegranate Seed
Raspberry Seed
Rice Bran Oil
Rooibos Extract in Glycol
Seabuckthorn Fruit
Vitamin E (Natural)

What do we mean by speciality extract?2020-05-22T15:30:28+02:00

Speciality Extracts have been placed in a separate category as they are technically not essential oils. Arnica and Carrot root are typically extracted and let down into an oil base for therapy. Rooibos extract is offered as a tincture and Natural Vitamin E is extracted from various members of the plant kingdom as pure concentrated tocopherols. Benzoin is a semi-solid resin and has to be let down into an oil base to reduce its very high viscocity.

Carrier Oils (Vegetable Oils) also known as Fixed Oils

Almond Sweet Refined
Aloe Ferox Infused in Grapeseed Oil
Apricot Kernel Refined
Argan Refined
Avocado Refined
Baobab Cold Pressed
Black Seed (Kulanji) Cold Pressed
Borage Refined
Calendula Infused in Sunflower Seed Oil
Castor Refined
Castor, Black
Coconut Refined
Coconut Extra Virgin Cold Pressed
Fractionated coconut/palm oil (caprylic/capric triglyceride/mct)
Comfrey Infused in Sunflower Seed Oil
Evening Primrose Refined
Flax Seed Cold Pressed
Grapeseed Cold Pressed
Hazelnut Refined
Hemp Seed Cold Pressed
Jojoba Cold Pressed
Jojoba Organic Cold Pressed
Macadamia Nut Cold Pressed
Marula Cold Pressed
Moringa Kernel Cold Pressed
Natal Mahogany
Neem Organic
Olive Oil Extra Virgin Cold Pressed
Palm Kernel Refined (Sustainably Sourced)
Peach Kernel – See Apricot Oil
Peanut (Arachis) Refined
Pumpkin Seed Cold Pressed
Rosehip Cold Pressed
Safflower Refined
Sesame Seed Refined
St John’s Wort Infused in Sunflower Seed
Soybean Cold Pressed
Sunflower Seed Cold Pressed
Tamanu (Foraha) Cold Pressed
Walnut Cold Pressed
Wheatgerm Cold Pressed

What do we mean by organic?2020-05-22T15:13:54+02:00

Defining the term “organic” is a hugely debatable subject. We don’t claim to be an organically certified organisation.

Where we list an item as organic, our source has indicated that the material is organically certified.

Technically, what is a carrier oil?2020-05-25T14:39:12+02:00

“Carrier”, or vegetable oils are relatively inert, almost odour free products that are used as a base in which essential oils are subsequently diluted before being used on the skin during aromatherapy massage. They can be called “fixed” oils due to their existence in nature and the fact that they don’t evaporate. [more…]

Aromatherapy Auxiliaries

  • From Soaps, Fizz Balls and candles, to starter kits, books & charts, as well as creams, butters and beeswax.
  • With the aim of being a 1 stop aromatherapy shop, our subsidiary goods complement our range of oils.

Neutral Hand & Body Lotion Base
Neutral Cream (NATURAL) Base
Neutral Gel Base
Neutral Shampoo Base (paraben free)
Shampoo NATURAL (paraben, sulphate, salt free)
Neutral Conditioner Base (paraben free)
Conditioner NATURAL (paraben, sulphate, salt free)
Neutral Shower Gel Liquid Soap Base (paraben free)
Face Wash NATURAL (paraben, sulphate, salt free)
Glycerine, Vegetable
Castile Soap (Liquid)
Avocado Butter, hydrogenated – Refined
Mango Butter – Refined
Shea Butter – Refined
Shea Butter – UNrefined
Cocoa Butter – Refined
Cocoa Butter – UNrefined
Beeswax standard (pellets)
Beeswax natural (pellets)
Beeswax raw (solid)
Kigelia Cream
Comfrey Ointment

Orange Blossom Water (contains alcohol)
Witch Hazel (Hamamelis water)
Rose Water
Catnip Hydrosol
Geranium Hydrosol
Frankincense Hydrosol
Ti-Tree Hydrosol
Perfume Base

Aromatherapy Hand Book
Wooden Storage Case
Wooden Storage Case (Including Oils)
Starter Kit including wooden box and 12 oils
Aromatherapy Chart – Laminated
Aromatherapy Chart – Unlaminated

Frankincense Resin (approx 200g tub)

Colloidal Gold
Colloidal Silver

Green Clay – Bentonite (African)
White Clay – Kaolin
Zinc Oxide Powder
Salt – Himalayan (fine)
Salt – Himalayan (course)
Salt – Namibian (medium)
Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate)
Sodium bicarbonate
Apricot Kernels, Fine Ground (Scrub)

Lip Balm – Geranium & Lavender
Lip Balm – Rose
Lip Balm – Spearmint
Lip Balm – Sweet Orange
Lip Balm – Vanilla

Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Alpine Herbs
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Beachmist
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Bergamot
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Blueberry
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Carnation
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Cinnamon
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Citronella
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Citrus Fresh
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Coconut
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Coffee
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Cucumber
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Cuddly
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Dreamtime
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Eucalyptus
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Fantasy
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Floral Bouquet
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Forest Fresh
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Frangipani
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Fresh Pine
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Fruit Cocktail
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Gardenia
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Green Apple
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Honey
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Honeysuckle
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Jasmin Flowers
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lavender
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lemon
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lemongrass
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lilac
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lily of the Valley
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Lotus
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Magnolia
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Musk
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Narcissus
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Neroli
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Opus
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Orange ‘n Spice
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Patchouli
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Peach Blossom
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Peppermint
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Powder Fresh
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Rosebud
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Rose Geranium
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Sandalwood
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Sea Breeze
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Spicy
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Strawberry
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Summer Blossom
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Sweet Pea
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Tea Rose
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Tulip
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Vanilla
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Violet
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Waterlily
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Wild Cherry
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Wild Rose
Pot Pourri (Fragrance) – Ylang-Ylang

Soap, Luxury Handmade (Autumn Breeze) – Lime, Sage, Lavandin
Soap, Luxury Handmade (Chai Spice) – Cinnamon Leaf ,Ginger ,Cassia ,Nutmeg ,Vanilla
Soap, Luxury Handmade (Citrus Souffle) – Orange Sweet, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lime
Soap, Luxury Handmade (Detox Bar) – Spearmint, Clary Sage, Rosemary
Soap, Luxury Handmade (Earth Rose) – Patchouli, Rose
Soap, Luxury Handmade (Jungle Fruit) – Pomegranate, Neroli, Lemongrass
Soap, Luxury Handmade (SHAMPOO BAR) – Peppermint, Bergamot, Ti-tree
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Avo & Cucumber
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Bergamot
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Citronella
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Geranium
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Lavender
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Lemongrass
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Neroli
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Rooibos & Honey
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Rose
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Sandalwood
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Ti-Tree
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Tranquil Ocean
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Ylang – Ylang
Soap (glycerine; sls free) – Fragrance Free
Glycerine Soap Bar (clear, unfragranced) – 1kg
African Black Soap (Flakes)

Candle – Bali (Olive Green)
Candle – Citronella (White)
Candle – Geranium (Pink)
Candle – Jasmine (Violet)
Candle – Lavender (Purple)
Candle – Lemongrass (Yellow)
Candle – Neroli (Orange)
Candle – Orange ‘n Spice (Burnt Orange)
Candle – Rose (Red)
Candle – Sandalwood (Light Brown)
Candle – Vanilla (Cream)
Candle – Ylang-Ylang (Blue)
Candle – CHAKRA (Large)
Candle – CHAKRA (Baby)

Fizz Ball – Geranium
Fizz Ball – Lavender
Fizz Ball – Lemongrass
Fizz Ball – Neroli
Fizz Ball – Orange
Fizz Ball – Rose
Fizz Ball – Sandalwood
Fizz Ball – Ti-Tree
Fizz Ball – Ylang-Ylang
Fizz Ball – Vanilla
Foot Fizz Balls (Pack of 10 – blend of eucalyptus, peppermint & ti-tree)

Diffuser – Ultrasonic – 100ml capacity
Diffuser – Ultrasonic (Bamboo) – 150ml

Burner (Ti-lite) – Terracotta
Burner (Ti-lite) – Stoneware
Burner (Electric) – White
Ti-Lite Candles (Pack of 10)
Crystals (For use in burner)

Packaging Material

11ml Amber glass bottle including dropper and cap
22ml Amber glass bottle including dropper and cap
50ml Amber glass bottle including dropper and cap
100ml Amber glass bottle including dropper and cap

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