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sandalwood west indian essential oil | 10ml

Amyris balsamifera


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Escentia Sandalwood (WI) Pure Essential Oil may create a sense of calmness and greater mental clarity. It is commonly known for its woody, sweet smell. It is frequently used as a base for products such as incense, perfumes, cosmetics, aftershave, soaps and liquids. Traditionally, sandalwood oil is a part of religious traditions in India and other Eastern countries – both the wood and oil have been highly valued for centuries. The sandalwood tree itself is considered holy. The tree is used for various religious ceremonies including weddings and births. Sandalwood is very beneficial to the skin; it can help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and it promotes a healthy, smooth complexion. 

Product Specifications: Sandalwood West Indian comes from a small tree, which is evergreen with compound leaves and lovely white flowers. The bark emits a valuable resinous fluid. The oil is a viscous liquid with a pale yellow, or brownish-yellow colour. The scent can be described as being a faintly woody, slightly oily-sweet, balsamic note. Over time, it rapidly loses the rich, complex odour, fading to a weak, woody-balsamic note. It is a base note oil and is said to be calming and sedative.

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sandalwood west indian essential oil can be used to:

An older, more mature sandalwood tree typically produces an essential oil with a stronger smell. Steam distillation or CO2 extraction methods are utilised to extract the oil from the mature roots. Some of the benefits of Sandalwood West Indian include improving blood glucose control, decreasing inflammation and helping to reduce the proliferation of skin cancer. It has also been used for:

  • Mental clarity: One of the primary sandalwood benefits is that it promotes mental clarity when used in aromatherapy or as a fragrance. This is why it’s often used for meditation, prayer, or other spiritual rituals.
  • Relaxing and calming: Along with lavender and chamomile, sandalwood commonly makes the list of essentials oils used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Natural aphrodisiac: Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine traditionally use sandalwood as an aphrodisiac. Since it’s a natural substance that can increase sexual desire, sandalwood helps to increase libido and may help men with impotence. To use sandalwood oil as a natural aphrodisiac, try adding a couple of drops to a massage oil or to a topical lotion.
  • Astringent: Sandalwood is a mild astringent, meaning it can induce minor contractions in the soft tissues, such as gums and skin. Many aftershaves and facial toners use sandalwood as one of their primary ingredients to help soothe, tighten, and cleanse the skin.
  • Anti-viral and antiseptic: Sandalwood is an excellent anti-viral agent. It has been found to be beneficial to prevent replication of common viruses, such as herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2. Other uses include the reduction of inflammation from mild skin irritation such as superficial wounds, pimples, warts or boils. Just make sure to always test the oil on a small area before applying it directly to the skin or mix it with a base carrier oil first.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Sandalwood is also an anti-inflammatory agent that may provide relief from mild inflammation such as insect bites, contact irritations or other skin conditions.
  • Expectorant: Sandalwood is an excellent expectorant that can be helpful in the natural treatment of colds and coughs. Add a few drops to a tissue or wash cloth and inhale to help reduce the severity and duration of a cough
  • Anti-ageing: Sandalwood is high in antioxidants that can help reduce damage caused by free radicals, which promote ageing. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Mind: Possibly effective in easing nervous tension.
  • Body: A soothing, sedative quality. Could ease coughs and chest complaints. Helpful in bringing down blood pressure. Could also have an effect on urinary complaints.
  • Skin: May have a drying effect on the skin, and some anti-inflammatory properties.

Blends well with: Benzoin, Clary sage, Frankincense, Galbanum, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Melissa, Rose, Rosewood and Ylang-Ylang.

technique of extraction method:

Sandalwood West Indian is steam distilled from the pieces of wood and branches from Amyris Balsamifera. It has a sweet, woody aroma that is frequently used in meditation for its grounding effects. Sandalwood West Indian has no known contra-indications, other than that the aroma might not be pleasing to everybody. The main chemical constituents include Caryophyllene cadinene (20%), Amyrolin (1%), Furfural (9%), and Cadinol balsamiol (70%).



Caution: May affect sensitive skin. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


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