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geranium essential oil | 10ml

Pelargonium graveolens


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Escentia Geranium Pure Essential Oil is known to uplift moods, reduce fatigue and promote emotional wellness. It can be used as an astringent, hemostatic, cicatrizant, cytophylactic, diuretic, deodorant, styptic, tonic, vermifuge, and a vulnerary agent. It is also utilized in the cosmetic and wellness industry as a component in cosmetic products, soaps, creams and perfumes.

Product Specifications: Pelargonium Graveolens comes from the family Geraniaea. It was originally from the Cape of South Africa, but was cultivated in Russia, Egypt, Congo, Japan, Central America and Reunion. It is a hairy shrub that grows up to 1 metre high with hairy serrated leaves and small pink flowers.

typical country of origin:

South Africa

when utilized for the mind, body and skin, geranium pure essential oil assists with the following:

Geranium was once used by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful and radiant skin. These days it is also being used to treat acne, reduce inflammation, alleviate anxiety and balance hormones.  

  • Mind: Quells anxiety and depression and lifts the spirits. It puts the mind back into balance and through its action on the adrenal cortex, it helps to reduce stress.
  • Body: Because of its balancing effect on the hormonal system, it can be useful with PMT and menopausal problems. It could also be helpful in cases of inflammation and congestion of the breasts. It is good for congested systems. It has a tonic action on the liver and kidneys and helps to clear the body of toxins. Helpful against jaundice, kidney stones, diabetes and urinary infections. Could guard against fluid retention. Effective in throat and mouth infections. Could ease neuralgia. Has a clearing effect on mucous, mainly of the digestive system.
  • Skin: Useful for all skin types, as it balances sebum. May be good for eczema, burns, shingles, herpes, ringworm and chilblains. 

Geranium oil is also used in aromatherapy for its health benefits, including its ability to aid in skin care, balance hormones, relieve stress and depression, reduce inflammation and irritation, alleviate the effects of menopause, improve circulation, benefit dental health, boost kidney health, and reduce blood pressure. Some of the more precise benefits of Geranium pure essential oil include the following: 

  • Reducing Wrinkles: Geranium oil is known for its dermatological use for the treatment of aging, wrinkled and dry skin. It works by tightening the skin’s appearance. 
  • Fighting infections: Geranium oil is said to exhibit potent antibacterial and anti-fungal abilities against twenty-four different types of fungi and bacteria. The oil is said to assist the body in naturally fighting off infections, allowing the immune system to focus on maintaining health and balance within the body.
  • Assisting with sore muscles: Geranium oil is said to assist with muscle cramps, aches and pains that may be as a result of over stimulation or an intense workout. 
  • Increasing urination: Geranium oil has been used as a diuretic (it promotes urination). By increasing urination, toxins are expelled from the body. These toxins include sugar, heavy metals, sodium and pollutants. Urination also helps to remove excess acids and bile from the stomach. 
  • Enhancing the skin: Geranium oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that make it beneficial when it comes to improving skin health. It can help with acne, dermatitis and skin diseases/ geranium oil is best used when it is diluted into a carrier oil and rubbed onto the skin. 
  • Reducing anxiety and depression: Geranium oil is said to improve mental functioning and uplift the spirits. It has been used to assist people who experience anxiety, anger or depression. The oil has a sweet floral smell, which calms and relaxes the body and mind.

Blends well with: Angelica, basil, bay, bergamot, carrot seed, citronella, cedarwood, clary sage, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lime, neroli, orange, petitgrain, rose, rosemary and sandalwood.

technique of extraction method:

Our Geranium pure essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves, stalks and flowers of the plant. It is a highly fragrant, mentally balancing oil. Geranium oil is considered non toxic, nonirritant and generally non-sensitizing.


May affect sensitive skin. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Geranium essential oil should definitely not be used during the first trimester of pregnancy. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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