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Our favourite essential oil blends for autumn

It’s May, and we are safely nestled into the last remnants of autumn. With winter steadily on its way (even though it feels like it’s here already – brrr), we thought we would take a moment to celebrate the crisp, warm and vibrant tones of autumn. Autumn brings with it a period of transition, a period of letting go as we learn to shed off the old and retreat inside for winter – both physically and figuratively. 

With that being said, we would like to invite you to allow this natural unfolding to take place. What are you ready to shed? What are you wanting to let go of? This could be a thought pattern, an emotion that weighs you down, a habit, or even a relationship. Embrace the shedding, allow the change. This is where the true gold of inner transformation resides.

No matter what autumn brings up for you, the essences of nature are always available to assist. And so, we asked our staff which essential oils or blends reminded them of autumn, here’s what they had to say:

“Cinnamon – with the weather getting colder, its pancake weather and what do we put on pancakes? Cinnamon! And the smell is simply heavenly.” – Nicole.

“I love the woody and spicy oils in winter! My favourite is pimento all spice blended with sweet orange. It has a nostalgic smell to it, familiar to many people.” – Catherine

“Definitely Frankincense and Lime! I love the rich tones of the resinous oils when combined with a fruity citrus note. It’s fresh, yet cozy – kind of like that middle period between summer and winter.” – Kerry  


our favourite essential oil blends for autumn

Sandalwood reminds me of the colours of autumn and a warm fire.” – Henry

“A combination of Patchouli and Rose reminds me of autumn. A calming blend that gets me ready for the approaching winter.” – Jenny

“I enjoy any of the warming oils – for instance, ginger or black pepper.” – Roy

“I’d say any of the earthy, woody or spicy oils.” – Steve

quick tip for autumn

During this time of year, the flu, colds and viruses are circulating, leaving our immune systems working in overdrive to try and keep us germ-free.

Remember that we were made to feel disease, and viruses often present an opportunity for the body to strengthen itself. However, being sick is unpleasant, and if you would like to reduce the risk of contracting anything, try adding a few drops of Eucalyptus or Ravinsara essential oil to your scarf or shirt collar (anywhere you can smell it continuously).

Do this when venturing forth for groceries or when you need to be out and about and in contact with a lot of people. 

a quick and easy autumn blend

During this time of reflection, we would like to invite you to consider which oils remind you of autumn – whether they remind you of the changing colours, the crisp warm scents, or of this period of transitioning. While doing this, if you are looking for a warming autumn blend to infuse your home or living space with, why not try the blend below? Simply add these oils to your diffuser and allow the fragrances to permeate your space. Next, simply cuddle up with yourself and enjoy.

  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 2 drops Petit grain
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
  • 1 drop Cinnamon

All our love,

The Escentia Team

Photo Credit: Jeremy Thomas.

Credit Jeremy Thomas
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