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which essential oils to use for your chakras

Let’s chat about a topic that’s hot on eer-body’s lips these days: the chakras. And no, these aren’t just spinning wheels of colour that exist around your body. They are spinning vortexes that both receive and emit energy. They are, in essence, the way in which we...

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our favourite essential oil blends for autumn

It’s May, and we are safely nestled into the last remnants of autumn. With winter steadily on its way (even though it feels like it’s here already – brrr), we thought we would take a moment to celebrate the crisp, warm and vibrant tones of autumn.

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using your oils in a global crisis

Ever think to yourself ‘damn Debbie, we seem to be moving from one major world-event to the other!’ Well, no worries, Debbie, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking so. Even though the news might make us feel like the world around us is collapsing (thanks news!), there...

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how to use pure essential oils safely

It is important to note that not all oils are created equal. Some oils are more potent than others and will burn the skin if used incorrectly. It is important to know how to use your oils, before applying them onto the skin or into a bath. With this in mind, here are...

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opening, accepting and rejuvenating with rose

Roses have long been considered flowers of love in all of their forms. They often bring into a physical expression some of the most tender, deeply emotional moments and memories that many hold dear to their hearts.

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reflecting & transforming the festive way

“is there an essential oil for that?”The closer you get, the faster it appears. Isn’t that the case, every year? The holiday season is a time during which we, as a collective and as individuals, have the magnificent opportunity to rejoice in all that we have to...

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colour coding your oils

Many of you might have noticed that our labels have gone through a massive change – it’s hard not to notice the pastel, earthy colours shining through, which can be contrasted with the clean white label we have utilized in the past. We wanted our range to showcase the...

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blending essential oils

Art-form or scientific method, as a matter of fact, it pays to view it as both! Blending essential oils is a creative and immensely useful practice that can produce a multitude of wondrous results. Although many people may shy away from the ‘do it yourself’ blends,...

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our brand story

For those of you who have been there from the beginning, you have witnessed our brand and business transform and grow as we move from strength to strength. Anyone remember our first ever orange with stick-on names? And our logo with the bottle and our name wafting out...

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