Are our oils pure?2020-05-22T14:58:24+02:00

Unless stated otherwise, our essential oils are in a natural, pure, unadulterated state. Understanding classes or grades of oils is important. With regards to oil definitions, each grade must be taken individually and differences in preference may occur between professionals. No grade is better or worse. Their use factor is dependant on the individuals intended purpose.

What do we mean by speciality extract?2020-05-22T15:30:28+02:00

Speciality Extracts have been placed in a separate category as they are technically not essential oils. Arnica and Carrot root are typically extracted and let down into an oil base for therapy. Rooibos extract is offered as a tincture and Natural Vitamin E is extracted from various members of the plant kingdom as pure concentrated tocopherols. Benzoin is a semi-solid resin and has to be let down into an oil base to reduce its very high viscocity.

What is a standard oil vs an essential oil?2020-06-01T22:20:22+02:00

Certain industries, and very large users, require material which is standardised so that the balance of chemical constituents is maintained, as well as the odour profile, which can easily differ seasonally and due to differing weather conditions. An oil may therefore be rectified by adding certain natural and/or nature identical aromatic ingredients, to maintain standards required by food, pharmaceutical, dental and beverage industries. This class is, however, not necessarily inferior in quality or efficacy.

Essential oils are extracted directly from a plant source with no addition of other compounds. Essentially – plant to bottle.

What do we mean by organic?2020-05-22T15:13:54+02:00

Defining the term “organic” is a hugely debatable subject. We don’t claim to be an organically certified organisation.

Where we list an item as organic, our source has indicated that the material is organically certified.

Can our essential oils be taken internally or can you cook with our essential oils?2020-05-22T15:03:12+02:00

It must be emphasized that the policy of Escentia Products has never been to promote oils for food, or any kind of internal consumption whatsoever, because in the wrong hands they are too powerful in their action, especially in contact with epithelial tissues.

Of course, essential oils are used extensively in the flavour industry, so technically they are consumed, but they are added in an extremely diluted state, and under controlled industrial circumstances.

The responsibility for any such use rests therefore entirely with the user.

Technically, what is a carrier oil?2020-05-25T14:39:12+02:00

“Carrier”, or vegetable oils are relatively inert, almost odour free products that are used as a base in which essential oils are subsequently diluted before being used on the skin during aromatherapy massage. They can be called “fixed” oils due to their existence in nature and the fact that they don’t evaporate. [more…]

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