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colour coding your oils

Many of you might have noticed that our labels have gone through a massive change – it’s hard not to notice the pastel, earthy colours shining through, which can be contrasted with the clean white label we have utilized in the past. We wanted our range to showcase the vibrant, fragrant, colourful nature of the world we immerse ourselves in daily.

Some oils are known to be more refreshing and uplifting, others calming and relaxing. Working with these colours will enable you to categorize your oils into their various scent profiles and the mood that they invoke.

We have utilized 6 different colours in our labels, and below is a brief explanation regarding our thought process behind this. It is important to note that certain oils would fall into a category of their own, but for ease of reference and to consolidate the range, we have instead grouped these oils into a category with a similar odour profile.


Many of these oils have a fresh, clean, or herby aroma, and most are extracted from the leaves of the plant. If you’re looking for a herby fragrance to freshen up your living space, these are the oils for you.


These are the oils whose scent is reminiscent of flowers. Many have floral notes and some are extracted from the flowering parts of the plant. Most of these oils have calming and relaxing properties.


The majority of these spicy oils are aromatically sharp and pungent. Care should be taken when using them as many contain molecules that can cause skin irritation. Most of these oils can be expected to be found in a good curry!


These uplifting and refreshing oils contain cool and fresh aromas that can be felt in the nose as a cooling sensation. Many contain the familiar molecule, globulol, which is what gives Eucalyptus and many other oils in this category their characteristic cool aroma that opens up the airways.


The molecule known as limonene, which gives citrus oils their characteristic odour, is found in most of these oils. The citrus fruits, as well as lemongrass, citronella, and similar smelling oils, are found in this category. They are also uplifting, and many are used as insect repellants.


This category primarily contains earthy, woody, and balsamic odours. These base note oils are grounding and contain heavy molecules that take longer to evaporate than many other essential oils.

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