Escentia Team

Who is Escentia Products?

A hearty, healthy welcome !

We are a Proudly South African, family owned company, driven to supply one of the largest, most cost effective range of products relating to aromatherapy, on a wholesale basis.

Escentia was born in 1994 as a result of a market survey that earmarked the need for a reputable, accessible supplier of essential oils, vegetable extracts (carriers), and aromatherapy auxiliaries.

Our vision to assist individuals in taking charge of their well-being aligns with our oldest mission statement, “ Empowerment of all therapists for true healing.”

A technical background in chemistry, combined with a proven very good “nose”, enabled astute decision making regarding oil quality. We have by demand, grown our range to include speciality carriers and many rarer ‘exotic’ oils.

We pride ourselves on our levels of service, with a smile.

An important aspect of Escentia is the fact that we obtain in excess of 30% of our range from the Southern African farming/processing community, and will continue in our efforts to be involved in the upliftment of local communities in this way. The use of a widespread supplier base has kept us at the front of the Southern African market, giving customers the most “olfactory bang for their buck” as it were. We can effectively call ourselves a “one stop Aromatherapy shop”.

We are long standing members of the Aromatherapy Association of South Africa, and conduct annual talks and lectures to Beauty Institutions on the history and definition of essential oils, as well as offering a module on the chemical make-up of these amazing gifts of nature.

Established in 1994, our products have steadily gained increased acceptance as a range you can rely on.